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    for STUDENTS

    Now you can pass the JLPT test! How to solve the reading section

    Have you heard of the “JLPT” exam? It officially stands for “Japanese Language Proficiency Test”, and it is held in…

    Nagoya’s specialty – the top recommended “hitsumabushi” restaurants

    You definitely want to try it if you go to Nagoya! Hitsumabushi is one of Nagoya’s representative dishes. It is…
    Business manners

    Foreigners don’t get it_ Japan’s “social etiquette”

    In Japan, there is a custom called “social etiquette”. This refers to dialogue which is thought to be beneficial to…
    Kyushu & Okinawa

    Come see a large whale shark at Okinawa’s “Churaumi Aquarium”

    “Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium” is known as one of the spots which you must visit if you go to Okinawa. We…

    A collection of gourmet! Largest food stall gathering in Northern Japan, “Hakodate Hikari no Yatai – Daimon Yokocho”

    When you think of Hakodate’s gourmet area, The Hakodate Asaichi in front of Hakodate Station comes to mind. Although there…
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