What do you get asked at an interview for a part time job in Japan?

You most likely need a part time job when studying abroad in Japan.

In order for this, there’s always an interview in the beginning.

This interview determines if you are hired or not, so you would like to be well prepared beforehand.

This time I have come up with a list of questions that you will be asked.


Question ‘s list [/su_heading]

■Why did you come to Japan? (Reason for coming, choosing Japan to study abroad)

Answer why you chose to study in Japan.

It will be better to come up with things you like about Japan.

■What do you study in Japan?

If your in university or a technical school, be prepared to answer what you are studying.

If you’re in a Japanese languages school, then answer that you are studying Japanese.

■JPLT level

As a guideline, most places think that a Japanese level of N3 or higher is good enough.

Even if you haven’t passed the test, they may hire you if they can see that you can communicate without problem.

■Why you chose this job

Tell them “what made you interested in this job / store”.

■When can you work from

Most places looking for part time workers are in a rush to hire. Tell them the earliest possible date.

■How many days a week can you work?

If there are any absolute days or weekdays you can’t work, then tell them.

■From what time until what time can you work?

School should be your top priority. Think about your class schedule and answer this question.

■Can you work on weekends?

Most places are looking for workers on weekends. If you can do so, they will be happier to hire you. But don’t push yourself.

■What is your strength and weakness.

No matter what the job is, it is important to leave the impression that you can “be positive and work”, and “be bright”.

■Future goals

It doesn’t matter if it is achievable or not. Tell them honestly what you are striving toward.

Most people get nervous during interviews.

If you don’t know the answer to something, it is okay to tell them so honestly.

If you couldn’t hear a question, ask them to repeat the question.

Even if you speak broken Japanese, look them in the eyes and “show” that you want to work there.


Remember the following points

◆Be sure to be able to clearly answer when you can work

◆Ask them if you don’t understand something

◆Don’t lie and be honest



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