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Must-see for everyone studying Japanese!

If you become a LocoBee member, you will be able to see the following contents in addition to articles about learning Japanese.

  • Video lessons for beginners to advanced learners
  • Videos about Japanese communication that cannot be learned from textbooks
  • Flashcards which allow you to study various topics with easy-to-understand illustrations and audio
  • There are JLPT practice tests and answers from N5 to N1, and some levels also come with instructional videos

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Since it is online, you can easily check those contents anytime and anywhere!


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LocoBee works with Japanese shops and companies. As a LocoBee member, you can:

  • Book a restaurant affiliated with LocoBee
  • Apply for recommended services such as SIM cards for foreigners
  • Discount coupons that can be used at stores

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