Now you can pass the JLPT test! How to solve the reading section

Have you heard of the “JLPT” exam? It officially stands for “Japanese Language Proficiency Test”, and it is held in every July and December as a “test to measure the Japanese proficiency for those whom Japanese is not their native language”. The levels go from N1 to 5, and this is a test that most students from abroad and others studying Japanese know.

Once you pass this test it gives you a leg up for getting into schools and getting jobs, so there are many people who want to pass this test. Therefore we are often asked how they can pass this exam. So, we will go ahead and show you some tips to solve the reading section!


① First read the question!

The reading section is all about speed. In order to read through this, always start with the question. These questions are made so that you can solve them without actually reading through the whole material, so it is a waste of time to do so. Read the question and look for the section necessary for the particular question, and save yourself a bunch of time.

Those of you who feel that the reading section is your weak point may actually be reading the whole material and then looking at the question. Try out this tip.


Answer selections with “always”, “definitely”, etc. are no good!

The JLPT reading section questions contain 4 choices, but if any of the choices include words like “definitely”, “for sure”, “all”, etc., then these are almost always wrong! The reason is that by using these words, it is easy to create wrong answer choices.

This is an easy tip to pick up, so take full advantage of it!


③ Do the last questions first!

The very last questions of the JLPT’s reading section contains posters and pamphlets, and you have to answer what’s written there, but these are actually the easiest questions in the whole exam!

But there are many people who run out of time and miss out on the free points here..

Do these first, and earn those easy points!


It is important to practice a lot to pass the JLPT, but knowing “how” to practice will determine the effect of the practice. Please try out the tips I taught you today!


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