Discover Japan with International Students: Select Your Favorite Taste of Matcha



Many tourists in Tokyo who visit Asakusa usually spend their times merely surrounding Senso-Ji Temple site of Asakusa. Such few decides to continue exploring restaurants or stores outside the temple site. However, quite a few of hidden gems within a few minutes walk. 

Suzukien Asakusa is one of such hidden gems.

Here I’ll introduce a background of the shop, unique menus of the shop, and benefits of enjoying at the shop.


Long-established Tea House Using Genuine Tea Leaves.

Suzukien serves seven intensity levels of matcha ice cream starting from level 1 to 7 so you can choose your favorite taste. According to the shop owner, they use tea leaves from Shizuoka, and  surprisingly, it has been over 100 years since the shop has founded! They started selling ice cream since 2016, and since then their ice cream has satisfied many customers including Japanese and foreign customers.


Only 3min walk from Senso-ji Temple

The shop is located in Asakusa, and easily accessible from Senso-ji Temple. Starting from the south exit of the temple, go straight to your left until you find the main street. Then, take the crosswalk  and the shop with black and white logo will be seen on your right.

Suzukien Asakusa opens from 10am to 5pm. But on the end of each month, it will be closed early at 4pm. The shop will also be closed for the whole day on third Wednesday every month for its maintenance. Thus, in order to ensure that you would not miss the chance to enjoy the unique ice creams, we strongly recommend to check the shop official accounts on Facebook and Twitter.



Choose your favorite from various kinds of ice cream


The most interesting part of Suzukien is the unique menu itself. You have various options for the taste of matcha ice cream, from level 1 as the most common and mildest, to level 7 as the most bitter and richest. Beside matcha, other flavors such as strawberry and black sesame are available as well.



If you choose levels 1-6, the price is ¥370 for single cup, and ¥390 for single cone.

You can choose two different flavors as well.

In that case, ¥470 for double cup and ¥490 for double cone.

The price differs for the level 7, ¥560 for single cup, ¥580 for single cone, ¥830 for single cone, and ¥850 for double cone.


In case you choose level 7 matcha, I recommend to order double and combine with a different flavor.



Beside ice cream, green tea and matcha leaves, matcha salt and other souvenirs are also available.

For your information, I bought matcha leaves for my friends and relatives.




You must check Suzukien if you visit Asakusa!


Suzukien Asakusa is really the best choice for all Asakusa tourists especially during hot summer season.

Fresh ice cream with free provision of cups of tea will save you from thirsty and the heat of the sun after a long walk.


Address: 3-4-3, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo