Daily Japanese conversation – ”Japanese words to use in hospitals and pharmacies when you feel sick”

If you have a sudden fever or poor health during your stay in Japan, go to the hospital or a drug store. We will introduce useful Japanese phrases for you to be able to describe your symptoms properly.


First tell those around you that you’re sick

If you feel sick or need some rest, say “guai ga warui desu”.


If you say “watashi wa byouki desu”, they will think that you have a persistent disease.


Go to a hospital or drug store

If resting doesn’t alleviate your symptoms, then go to the hospital.

Here’s a phrase used to ask where the location is.”byo-in wa doko deska?” (hospital)

If you don’t need to go a hospital and just have mild symptoms, then it may be good to buy an over-the- counter drug at a drug store.

“dorack sutoa wa doko deska?” (drug store)


Explain your symptom

Whether you’re at a hospital or a drug store to buy medicine, it’s important to properly tell your symptoms to the doctor or pharmacist.

・If your throat hurts

nodo ga totemo itai desu

・If your stomach hurts

onaka ga totemo itai desu

・If your head hurts

atama ga totemo itai desu

・If your tooth / teeth hurt

ha ga totemo itai desu

・If you have a fever※body temperature 37℃ or higher

 netsu desu

・If you have a runny nose

 hanamizu ga demasu

・If you have a stuffy nose

hana ga tsumari masu

・If you are coughing / sneezing

seki ga demasu (coughing) 

kusyami ga demasu (sneezing)

・If you have diarrhea 

geri desu

・If you are throwing up

 haki mashita

・If you have period pains

 se-ri de onaka ga itai desu