The shopkeeper introduces attractions of opening “Yakitori Daikichi” restaurant


Have you checked the previous article about “Yakitori Daikichi Sumiyoshi”?

Some might have craved yakitori, and others might have already been to the Daikichi after reading the article.

On this article, we have interviewed Mr. Aoba about what is attractive about joining “Yakitori Daikichi” franchise.

Mr. Aoba opened Daikichi Sumiyoshi in March 2015.

Originally he had a dream of doing a restaurant business. Surprisingly, his previous job was a sales of health food. Since he had a lot of business trips and less chances to spend time with families, he decided to become franchisee in order to change the environment.

In the past, he had experienced a part time job at a restaurant, but had never cooked yakitori. The reason why Mr. Aoba became able to serve delicious yakitori and open his restaurant is the fulfilling training system.


During the three months trainings, trainees receive education from shopkeepers of real “Yakitori Daikichi” restaurants.

The education curriculum range from things about cooking such as  skewing, seasoning, and grilling to attitudes towards customer service and opening restaurant.

At the end of the training, there is a test called “Zenyasai(前夜祭)” simulating real restaurant management. If you pass the test, then finally permission is given to open a restaurant.

“I was about to burst into tears at the moment of passing the test”, says Mr. Aoba, because it was a quite difficult training.

Three months pass so quickly while clearing many of the tasks one by one.

When opening the restaurant, new shopkeepers can take one liter of the sauce from each restaurant that took care of them at the training, and they can mix and use it as their restaurant’s own sauce.

It is deeply emotional that shopkeepers’ passion is inherited through sauce.

At present, the number of repeaters are steadily increasing, and restaurant management is going well with stable sales.

Mr. Aoba says he values especially the atmosphere comfotable for guests. Therefore, he put efforts on creating a place that connects not only Mr. Aoba and the guests but also guests each other.

Though the training was very hard, there was  much to acquire by overcoming it.

In the previous job, he had a lot of business trips and less time to spend time with his family, but now he can secure time with family and is having a fulfilling day everyday.

“After opening the business, you can earn firmly if you work hard and achieve a place where you can express yourself. It is very rewarding, and recommended for people who have a strong spirit of challenge.” Talking towards future juniors Mr. Aoba’s eyes are full of hope.

Now it’s your turn to start Yakitori Daikichi business!

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