No double dipping?! How do you eat Kushikatsu?

You want to try kushikatsu if you go to Osaka. There are kushikatsu stores wherever you look in the city. Kushikatsu refers to cutlet skewers using meat and veggies.

There is food called “kushikatsu” all over Japan, but there are subtle differences depending on the region. This time we will introduce the Osaka variety.


There is a large variety to kushikatsu menus!

There are so many types of kushikatsu to choose from! And it’s so reasonable, at only 100 yen a stick!

It’s reasonable, so if there’s a lot to choose from then it makes you want to try a bunch of them!


What is the no double-dipping rule for the sauce?

Most kushikatsu stores in Osaka have a stainless sauce container like this one. This is a public container, so there is a strict “no double-dipping rule!”

Once you dip, you’re done!

You can never take a bit and add more sauce!


But…what if you need more sauce??

You get the rule…but you want more sauce. What do you do?

Here’s what you do.

Most stores have cabbage like the one in the picture. You can eat all the cabbage you want!

Scoop the sauce with the cabbage, and add it to the katsu! Needless to say, this is before you take a bite of the cabbage.


Pig out with Osaka’s soul food!

Each stick is small, so you can’t stop eating. And there’s cabbage to protect your stomach lining. This soul food helps you down your drinks as well. Try to find your favorite menu. The store we visited this time, is the following located at Tenma in Osaka.


Shichifukujin Tenmae Ekimae store

Address: 4-12-1 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Access: 1 minute walk from JR Ekimae Station

Open hours: 12:00~23:00(L.O.22:30)