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Feel the power of water at Kifune Shrine

Kyoto is the representative tourist destination in Japan, and there are many tourist sights to visit.

Its sceneries, such as the bright cherry blossoms in spring and the burning red leaves in autumn, attract you with the taste of Japan.

Many of the travelers are so fascinated with Kyoto that they visit there again and again.

If you’re visiting Kyoto for second time or more, I’d like to recommend “Kifune Shrine”.

Kifune Shrine is an old shrine dedicated to kami(the spirit) of supply of water, and this area is known for cool and comfortable atmosphere in summer.
Takes about an hour and a half from Kyoto Station with trains and buses.
Visit there well in advance since it’s a little bit far away.

It is said that Izumi Shikibu, a famous poet in Heian period, made her wish come true after visiting the shrine. Ever since then, the shrine has been worshiped as “shrine of love” by many people.

Water is the source of life and it has purification power to wash away dirty things.
As the shrine is dedicated to the spirit of water, it is also said to have a good luck for rising fortune and fulfillment of desire.

In this area, Kibune, located in the northern part of Kyoto City, you can see autumn leaves earlier than other parts of Kyoto City.
During “Kibune Momiji Lantern Light-up(貴船もみじ灯篭)” which is held from November 3 to 26, lanterns are lined up around the town with gentle lights creating a very fantastic scenery.

Kifune Shrine is a power spot which many people want to go on even taking time.
Why don’t you visit there for the purification of your heart?

【Kibune Momiji Lantern Light-up(貴船もみじ灯篭)】
Date : Nov. 3 – Nov. 26, 2017
Address : 180 Kurama Kibune-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Website :

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