Explore “Yoyogi”, a great sightseeing base

In recent years “Yoyogi” has seen a big increase in foreign visitors as it has become popular for travelers to stay in local residences. Tokyo is a leading metropolitan area for business and sightseeing, but despite being within walking distance of Shinjuku and Harajuku, Yoyogi is not a well-known area, so I did some research.



Easy access to the metropolitan sightseeing areas with convenient transportation!

Yoyogi Station is located in the 1st district of Shibuya ward Tokyo and services the JR Chuo Main Line and Yamanote Line, as well as the Toei Oedo Line. While it’s not a big station, the train lines that pass through are very convenient. For example, from this station it only takes about 30 minutes to the famous Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa, or it only takes about 35 minutes to arrive at Tokyo’s new landmark, the Sky Tree. The area also has nice accommodations like the Hotel Sunroute Shinjuku, Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower, or Keiunsou, a Japanese style hotel.



Minami-Shinjuku Station is quiet with few people

Minami-Shinjuku Station of the Odakyu Electric Railway is located in a residential area about 500 meters from Yoyogi Station. Despite this train line servicing western Tokyo which is full of nature and Enoshima, a famous place in Kanagawa, etc., this station ranks 69th out of Odakyu’s 70 stations and referred to as the loneliest station in the city.



A street full of restaurants can be found close by Yoyogi Station

Right in front of the station is a street lined with family friendly restaurants, ramen, hamburger shops, etc. There are many chain restaurants which may not appeal to some, but they also stay open late into the night, so you can eat here any time without worry.


A famous outdoor brand from Japan

Exit the station and take a right toward Shinjuku, after about 3 minutes you will come across the company store of Japan’s famous outdoor brand “mont-bell”. Even though the shop has a large floor space of about 727 square meters, it doesn’t get very crowded due to its location between Yoyogi and Shinjuku. However, it’s thanks to the location that you can enjoy shopping here at your own pace. It’s definitely a shop for people in the know.



It’s only about a 6 minute walk from Yoyogi Station to Shinjuku Station!

Just a short walk and you can arrive in Shinjuku. From here you can easily explore famous tourist areas like Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Kabukicho, etc. One thing to point out is a train from Yoyogi to Shinjuku takes 3 minutes, but including the wait time at the station it may be longer. Depending on the timing, it might be faster to walk.



A newly renovated tourist information center is just around the corner!

The tourist information center at the South East exit of Shinjuku Station. Within Japan this station is one of the biggest and has a complex design. Even locals are known to refer to it as a maze. Finding the tourist information center may be quite difficult. If you go out the wrong exit, you will have to go a long roundabout way. It’s probably easier to just walk from Yoyogi Station.



If you’re missing nature, take a break at Meiji Shrine

Exit Yoyogi Station and take a left toward Harajuku, after about 3 minutes you will come across the Kitasando entrance to Meiji Shrine. Continue straight on the path surrounded by trees and eventually you will arrive at Harajuku Station. The sanctuary is near the Kitasando entrance which is an Important Cultural Property of Japan. The surrounding area is a park where you can enjoy some quiet time away from the city. It’s also free admission, unlike the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in the opposite direction.



A quiet place in the city, an ideal base for travelers

Just by turning onto a side street from the main road, you are suddenly surrounded by a quiet neighborhood with lounging street cats. There are many elderly residents and buildings that look to have some vacancies meaning vacation rentals in the area will probably continue to increase. This is a great area to base your trip to Tokyo from, so if you get the chance please start your next vacation in Yoyogi.



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