Have you already experienced? Secrets of Japanese toilets, representative of COOL JAPAN!


Toilets are widely known among the world as the representative of Japanese culture.

It is said that the first thing to be surprised when visiting Japan are cleanliness, comfort and advanced technologies of the toilets.

Toilets are the works full of Japan’s high technologies.


What kind of technologies are used for them?

What features they have?

Why are they so comfortable?


To answer such questions, we had an interview with LIXIL Group Corp. about “INAX Shower Toilet”, Japan’s representative high-tech toilet!

If you read this article, you will definitely want to have this toilet in your country.

The shower toilet must be the best choice for your souvenir at Japan!




Sanitarina 61, Japan’s first domestic produced shower toilet released 50 years ago 

POINT:1 Best angle! 75 degrees

The important point about shower toilet is the washability of the buttocks.

In order to make a toilet which can wash your buttocks comfortably and keep them clean, they tested their product with various types of buttocks, including employees’.

As a result, they have found the best angle – 75 degrees.

This angle which is almost vertical keeps cleanliness, and it has been inherited from 50 years ago to the present.


POINT:2  Clean for 100 years! “Aqua Ceramic”

One of the troubles of the toilet is cleaning.

Cleanliness of the toilet is indispensable for improving the quality of life and satisfaction.

Since restrooms are places to visit many times a day, it’s always wanted to be clean when we use it.

Innovative new material called “Aqua Ceramic” meet such needs by preventing dirt in toilets.

This revolutionary material helps stubborn dirt be washed away with a simple flush.

Also, it prevents water buildup and spots, so the toilet stays shiny like new after cleaning.

Just with simple daily cleaning, whiteness and shine can last 100 years!

POINT:3 Good news for ladies. “Feminine Cleansing”

Actually, INAX Shower Toilet has 2 different shower nozzles.

One is for washing buttocks, and another is for bidet.

This is the “Feminine Cleansing” which offer you cleanliness, comfort and security.

POINT:4 No concern about someone using the toilet next! “Air Shield Deodorizer”

Smell is what people always concern about when using toilets.

“Air Shield Deodorizer” was developed taking a hint from air curtain which is used in freezers in convenience stores.

Circulating air confines oder in the bowl and sends out cleaned air.

This system solves the odor problem, and toilets move on to the next stage in which we enjoy the fragrance in restrooms.

The 4 factors listed above are just a part of amazing features of INAX Shower Toilet. 

It has following features as well:

Automatic Lid, Automatic Flushing & Deodorizing, Plasmacluster Technology etc.

INAX’s toilet is a work full of Japanese technologies.


“SATIS”, the name of the INAX’s representative toilet product, comes from the word “satisfaction”.

It is the world’s smallest tankless toilet which offers you the best satisfaction.

Today, the technology of the toilet boasted by Japan is spreading to the world.

One of them is the “I love Spalet” campaign held throughout Asia.

The name “Spalet” is mixture of “spa” and “toilet”.

In this campaign, you can see humorous videos showing the users  experiencing the shower toilet for the first time.

Since the toilet is the ultimate private space, it is very rare opportunity to see the situation of other users, isn’t it?

When you watch the movie, it will make you smile reminding your experience when you used shower toilet for the first time.


Following is the website of “I love Spalet” campaign↓



What did you think?

Japan’s technologies of toilets will develop more and more, and spread further to the world.

I’d be glad if you remember about this article when you go to restroom next time.