A flood of reservations! The hottest place, “Sailor Moon Cafe”!

“Moon Prism Power, Make Up!”

“I’m Sailor Moon, the champion of justice!”

Many of you must have heard of these phrases from the anime, Sailor Moon. It is a legendary anime which captivated all the girls at the time, since it has started broadcasting in 1992. Did you know that there were many girls dreamed of becoming Sailor Moon? Today, not only in Japan, but also enthusiastic fans from the world have increased, making it a worldwide anime.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of this anime, and in commemoration for it, collaborative cafe with “Q-Pot.”, a popular brand dealing in accessories with sweets motif, got opened for a limited time!

There are limited accessories and tote bags only sold in this special period, and collaborative sweets as well. We went to the Sailor Moon Cafe to check them out!

*Basically reservation required for this cafe. (In case you don’t have a reservation, if there any vacancy, you can get a ticket to enter from 11:30)

Q-Pot.CAFE in Aoyama, decorated with candies and the Sailor Moon POP display.

Usagi and Chibiusa, the main characters from Sailor Moon, welcome you.


Entering the shop, there is Tuxedo Mask!


While waiting for sweets, you can check the original goods available in the shop!

(Upper Left)Luna Biscuit Tote Bag
(Upper Right)Sweet Dream Tote Bag
The bag at the upper left has a clear pocket so that you can customize it as you like by putting your favorite collections in it!


Here is Moon Fairies Biscuit Tin Can.

2 different flavors featuring Luna and Artemis, plain and black cocoa, are available.

Dreamy accessories which symbolize “dream”, a main theme of anime, “Sailor Moon SuperS”!

Special limited goods such as Stallion Reve Necklace, Silver Crystal Pate de Fruit Necklace, Sweet Crisis Moon Macaron Key Chain etc.


Their cute designs must tickle the hearts of all the Sailor Moon fans, and make you happy just as looking them!

And here are the main sweets (available until July 25).

Today we had Sweet Crisis Moon Cake(left) and Kaleido Moon Soda(right).


Here are Twinkle Parfait(left) and Dead Moons Amazon Cocktail(right).


Even if you have already visited here, new menu lineup is coming out on July 26. Why don’t you visit here again?

This wonderful place with glittering accessories and delicious sweets is sure to make you happy! You must visit here with your friends or boyfriend as this collaboration is only for now!

And that’s not all! In front of the cafe, there is Q-pot. Harajuku Flagship Shop. Check this place as well since Sailor Moon accessories are available on the basement!

<Q−pot CAFÉ×Sailor Moon>

Duration : June 30 – August 20, 2017

Place : Q-Pot CAFE.

Address : 3-10-2 Kita-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0061, JAPAN

Business Hours : 11:30-19:40(L.O.19:00)

Web site : Q-pot.


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