Anywhere Door; Enjoy the “Kawaii sweets” everyone’s talking about!

The first in Japan! Anywhere Door sweets café comes to Harajuku offering a popular sweet from overseas, the “cone shot”, started in America. With a cute look and new style, these sweets have gathered a lot of attention and become a hot topic on TV, magazines, and social networks.


Here we will introduce the “Kawaii” sweets café, Anywhere Door.



What are hybrid sweets?!

Hybrid sweets are a popular topic overseas and just like the word means, these are separate sweets fused together to make something new. For example, there’s the Italian brioche con gelato and the fried croissant donut, “cronut” from New York. You can find these sweets throughout Japan as well.


Here we’ll introduce Anywhere Door and their hybrid sweets that combine coffee, tea, orange juice, etc. with edible containers, “cone shots”.



The appearance alone makes your heart flutter! The edible container, “cone shot”

The cone shots look cute with the different toppings, cones are coated in chocolate and the rim is coated in crunch, almonds, etc. Marshmallow, chocolate cream, and more is put in the bottom of the cones that are given to you as a cup. The flavor and texture changes with the slowly melting chocolate, so you can enjoy looking for your favorite combination of cone and drink.



Introducing a few variations

Enjoy various combinations of the flavored cone edges and sauce with a “cone shot”. Pictured is the Chocolate crunch/ Chocolate cream, the white chocolate is also delicious.380 yen each (+TAX)


Enjoy the pleasure of dessert with “Melt-tiramisu”.Matcha flavor is pictured. 550 yen each (+ TAX)


You can also share the many kinds of cones with your friends. These are cute and make a great souvenir. Set of five, 1900 yen (+TAX)


You choose between a shot and a waffle cone as the cup. There are many flavor and cream combinations you can make; ordering the same drink with a different cone will change the flavor.

The extensive drink menu is also a plus, coffee, expresso, tea, and fresh juice are all available.



What do you think? Anywhere Door is the first shop in Japan to feature cute “cone shots”. This is a great topic for Instagram, Facebook, etc., so be sure to check it out at past of your shopping trip.



Anywhere Door HARAJUKUFLAG 1A, 3-27-15, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Hours: 11:00 am - 7:00 pmClosed: No closings
TEL: +(81)3-6721-1995



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