Hokkaido’s Greatest Night View from Mt. Moiwa

Many of you might imagine Hakodate when you hear night view in Hokkaido, but that’s not all.

Sapporo has so many recommended nightscape spots since there are lots of light as it’s the largest city in Hokkaido.

Among them, I’d like to introduce Mt. Moiwa well known for the beautiful view from the observation deck.


Mt. Moiwa is a mountain 531m above sea level which stands near the center of Sapporo

The Ainu people, the indigenous people in Hokkaido, used to call the mountain “Inkarushipe”, which means a place mounted for keep watching.

Take ropeway and cable car called “Maurice Car” to the mountain top.

The nightscape of the city of Sapporo spreads in 360-degree view from the observation deck.

It has the largest scale among the night views in Hokkaido.

Anyone would be moved by this breathtaking scenery.

It’s even more beautiful especially in winter when there a lot of snow in the city.

As a side note, make sure to wear warm clothes since it is quite cold at a high elevation.


On the second floor of the cable car station on the mountain top, there is an observation deck called “Star Hall” where you can enjoy planetarium inside.

This planetarium, “MEGASTAR-IIB”, is said to be one of the most realistic planetarium in Japan.

In addition, in the Star Hall, you can see a 3D movie introducing Sapporo and Mt. Moiwa for free besides the planetarium.

You may as well see this movie before watching the night view.


Fare(round trip by ropeway and cable car) : Adult ¥1700, Child(elementary or younger) ¥850

Address : Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Open : Depends on the season. Refer to the website.




Yuta Nakamura, the night view photographer. Shoot night scenic spots and distribute information on “Yakei-FAN”,  the website which introduce information about night views. Write articles about night views in sightseeing and camera magazines, and cooperate and appear in TV programs about night views.