Like a palace floating in heaven! − Byodo-in Phoenix Hall


Byodo-in, a temple in Uji, Kyoto, is one of the World Heritage Sites.

It’s a little bit far from the city center of Kyoto, but it is still one of the indispensable spots for Kyoto sightseeing.

A representative spot in the precincts is the “Phoenix Hall(鳳凰堂)” which is well known as a national treasure.

It is very familiar to Japanese people since it is drawn on Japanese 10yen coin.

Surrounded by a scenic pond, it looks like the palace floating in the heaven!

It is nice to put the building and the 10yen coin together in same photo.

Don’t miss visiting “Byodo-in Museum Hoshokan” to have a study about the temple.

Many treasures are on display and you can also see the real bell that was once hanging on the bell tower.

There are interesting exhibitions using the latest CG, including the Phoenix statue of the National Treasure which appears in 10,000yen bills and the Phoenix Hall at the time of the foundation.

In autumn, the combination of red in buildings and leaves that burns in red is very beautiful and artistic.

A wonderful sight spreads out that it makes you forget the passage of time.

Since there are abundant sights such as “Uji Shrine(宇治神社)” and “Tale of Genji Museum(源氏物語博物館)” around the temple,

why don’t you take time walking around Uji for a day?



Address :

116 Ujirenge, Uji-shi, Kyoto

Access :

Using the JR Nara Line, get off at Uji Station and walk 10 minutes east.
Using the Keihan Uji Line, get off at Keihan Uji Station and walk 10 minutes.

Open Hours :

Garden 8:30AM – 5:30PM

Museum 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Inside the Phoenix Hall 9:30AM – 4:10PM (Reception starts at 9:10AM. 50 people at a time are admitted every 20 minutes thereafter)



Photographer · Xinxian Wang. Born in Taiwan. Through dramas broadcasted in Taiwan, I’ve come to like Japanese culture and scenery. Love photographing, and sometimes visit Japan and shoot Japanese landscape. Distribute the photograph to let people in the world know the landscape of Taiwan.

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