Gigantic gate and elegant bridge perfectly match red leaves − Nanzen-ji Temple


Nanzen-ji located in the east of Kyoto city is one of the most prestigious temples in Japan.


As you go through the middle gate, you will see an outstandingly big building.

The closer you approach it, the more you will be overwhelmed by its power.

The building is called Sanmon(三門), the main gate which represents a temple.

It is known as one of the three major gates in temples in Japan.

Sammon is also known as Tenryumon(天龍門), and it is famous as the place where  the Kabuki program “Sanmongosannokiri(楼門五三桐)” takes place.


Another highlight of the temple is Suirokaku(水路閣), a brick-made bridge built to draw water from lake Biwa into Kyoto.

The mixture of Japanese-style building and Western-style bridge creates a unique view.

In autumn, these buildings perfectly match the autumn leaves creating the extraordinary world.

Nanzen-ji has a lot of photogenic spots.

To shoot photos of the wonderful autumn leaves and the superb view, it is recommended to visit early in the morning.


Address :

Nanzenji-Fukuchicho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto

Access :
[By trains] About 10min walk from Kyoto City Subway “Keage Sta.”
[By buses] About 10min walk from Kyoto City Bus “Higashi-Tennoucho” or “Nanzenji-Eikandomichi”

Website :


Photographer · Xinxian Wang. Born in Taiwan. Through dramas broadcasted in Taiwan, I’ve come to like Japanese culture and scenery. Love photographing, and sometimes visit Japan and shoot Japanese landscape. Distribute the photograph to let people in the world know the landscape of Taiwan.


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