All-you-can-eat mentaiko! − Yamaya Hamamatsucho

There always are many people taking big backpacks and suitcases at Hamamatsucho station, the gateway to the Haneda Airport.
You may seen the restaurant that always makes a long queue in front of the station − Yamaya(博多もつ鍋 やまや).

【Yamaya(博多もつ鍋 やまや)】

This popular restaurant which came from Hakata, Fukuoka, is well known for karashi-mentaiko, cod roe seasoned with red chili pepper.
There always is a long queue in front of the restaurant at lunch time, even on rainy days.
The main purpose of the queue − as a matter of fact, you can eat mentaiko and pickled takana(leaf mustard) as much as you want!

I believe that karashi-mentaiko is the best partner of rice, as many of Japanese people do.
It is inevitable that they make a queue.

Here is a menu。

There are 3 kinds of basic meal and a daily special meal.
All of them are with all-you-can-eat mentaiko, takana and rice.

On the below is the daily special meal.

And here are the mentaiko and takana

Once you put them on a bowl of rice and have a bite,
you can never stop!

Mentaiko is also popular among tourists from abroad.
Why don’t you try this combo of mentaiko and takana as one of recommended foods in Japan?

In addition, they have some books about mentaiko in the restaurant.
It’s a good choice to read them and have a study about mentaiko while waiting for a dish.

【Yamaya Hamamatsucho(博多もつ鍋 やまや 浜松町店)】
Address : Towa Hamamatsucho Building 1F, 2-6-2, Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access : 3min walk from JR Hamamatsucho Sta. Kanasugibashi exit or Daimon Sta. A1 exit
Open Hours : Lunch/11:00AM – 2:00PM(Mon-Fri), Dinner:5:00PM – 11:00PM(Mon-Sat)
Number of Seats : 64
Regular Day Off : Sunday and holidays

Hamamatsucho Station has well access to Haneda Airport.
How about having a brief stop and having some mentaiko at the beginning or the end of your trip?

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