Let’s go to the unique, laid-back, resort island that is Ishigaki-jima!

Ishigaki-jima, is an island located about 3 and a half hours away from Tokyo and 1 hour from mainland Okinawa with both a resort-like feeling of Hawaii and Bali, and also offers visitors untouched nature and balmy warm weather, all in a unique countryside atmosphere. Ishigaki-jima’s best known sightseeing location, Yonehara beach on the Kabira Bay is located to the north of the island. However this time round, we headed to “Euglena Mall”, a central locale in south Ishigaki-jima – but a niche area none-the-less, where you can find many local specialities and souvenirs.



Popular tourist spot showcasing Ishigaki-jima’s unique atmosphere; 730 Intersection

At the centre of the intersection is a commemorative plaque.
Tourists stop to take photographs and many enthusiastically read the inscriptions.


The placement of “Shisa” on either side of the monument adds to the Okinawa atmosphere.


This area is characterized by both a tropical feel with palm trees lining the streets, and a homey feel with many locals going about their daily lives. Without flashy resorts, the calmness and laid-back atmosphere makes this an attractive location.


A photo taken anywhere by seaside is picture perfect. The town is reminiscent of foreign port towns; even strolling around is a pleasant experience.


A&W was founded in the United States in 1919, and debuted in Japan in the 1970s; it has since become synonymous with Okinawa and proves popular with both locals and tourists.


A typical streetscape in the 730 Intersection vicinity. The streets are lined with many cute shops with handcrafted facades.


Many of these shops sport the iconic Okinawan “Shisa” out front.


Along the streets there are many opportunities to take interesting photographs, like this Hibiscus we stumbled across behind a park bench.


The somewhat unusual naming of 730 Intersection is representative of one way the history of Okinawa differs from that of the mainland.
Before World War 2, Okinawans, like the rest of Japan, drove on the left side of the road. Right after the Battle of Okinawa, the area was placed under occupation by the United States, and on June 24th, 1945, the United States military ordered all cars to be driven on the right side of the road.
After Okinawa was returned to Japan in 1972, the roads were switched back to the left side on July 30th, 1978 – 730 being derived from the date “July 30”.
It has since become a bustling centre of activity, and exhibits charm that is characteristic of Ishigaki-jima through its port, backstreet shopping arcades and many hotels and shops.



Ishigaki-jima offers more than just sightseeing – there is also plenty of outdoor activities to participate in.

Accented with a characteristic brick façade, this shop has been packed with customers since opening.


The shop is bright and trendy with a casual home-like atmosphere.


The trendy interior attracts many customers. The usual gear and outdoor clothing is available, but there is also a large selection of stylish items for everyday use.


Items only available at the Ishigaki store are also popular. These could be a great souvenir for the fashion conscious.


At the corner of the 730 Intersection, the well-known outdoor brand “North Face/Helly Hanson” has opened a brand new store as of March 2017.
The store is based on the concept of “New sports island” – capturing inspiration from Ishigaki-jima’s positioning as both a resort island and as a place to interact with the outdoors. As such they are proactively positioning their goods to cater to both the resort customers and those looking for outdoor adventures.
Of course all the usual products are offered, but the thing that makes this shop truly special is being able to tap into the local knowledge of the shop staff, and a range of limited edition items.



730 COURT EAST COURT 1st floor 

1 Okawa, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa, JAPAN

TEL: 098-084-1320

Business Hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm




A visit to Euglena Mall is an absolute must to pick up souvenirs

There are over 100 specialty stores! We recommend shopping in the morning to avoid crowds.


“BLUE SEAL” bags are common on Ishigaki-jima and another example of Okinawa’s connection to the U.S.A.


Very similar items may have slight differences between shops, so you should compare before purchasing. Even this gachapon (capsule toy vending machines) is an Okinawa only version.


Okinawan shallots being sold for 200 yen with just the right amount of casual appeal.


Unripened bananas and dragon fruit – the selection available at local stores put inner city supermarkets to shame.


Delicious looking sata andagi (Okinawan doughnut). We bought it as a gift, but gave in to temptation and devoured the lot!


A typical souvenir store. If you come up short elsewhere, you’re sure to find something of interest here!


Ishigaki City Tokusanhin Hambai Center. We got the sense these have been around for a long time.


At the end of an immensely enjoyable journey, one must prepare souvenirs for those back home. Some may not want to go out of their way to buy gifts as they’re sure to find god stuff while sightseeing, but I highly recommend a stop at Euglena Mall.
Euglena Mall is the southernmost shopping arcade of Japan. The arcade is comprised of Chuou Doori in the south west, and Ginza Doori in the north east.
With 100 shops in a row, thinking this strip is only good for purchasing souvenirs would be a big mistake! Not just local speciality goods and popular souvenis, but all sorts of clothing, food and anything you need for everyday living is available.
Even if you don’t intend to purchase souvenirs, experiencing the buzz of walking this strip may become the highlight of your trip to Ishigaki-jima.


Ishigaki Airport Domestic Terminal


What do you think? To slightly depart from the topic, this island can be lapped in one and a half to two hours by car. If you’re interested in getting around by rental car, visit this website, as it’s cheaper compared to other places.


While recovering from your search for cheap

We recommend you enjoy a walk around Ishigaki 730 Intersection while checking out the visual and culture differences to your home country, to recover from busy bargain shopping.



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