Feel Japan’s traditions in “Japanese sweets cafes”!

With a refined and mildly sweet flavor, it’s no exaggeration that anko (red bean paste), matcha (green tea), and monaka (crispy wafer sandwich with filling) are representative of sweets in Japan. They are also low calorie compared to regular cakes and cookies!


Delicious with few calories makes these sweets popular with men and women. If you come all the way to Japan, definitely try the sweets. I’m going to introduce a popular “Japanese” café, “Kagurasaka Saryo”, known for their confectionaries.



“Kagurasaka Saryo” café. A refuge of Japanese sweets.

The Saryo flagship store is located in the back streets of the refined Kagurasaka area.


It’s easy to spend a long time here in such a warm atmosphere encompassed by the wooden interior.





A rich selection of teas, permeate the body and soul.

Green tea made from carefully selected leaves. The delicate flavor shares glimpses of the tender work put into the tea.

Carefully Selected Tea Leaves

The teas are steeped and delivered in a teapot.

Hot water can be refilled, so you can enjoy a second cup of tea.


Try the “refined flavor” of Kyoto’s Uji matcha just once and you’re sure to crave it again and again.
[Kyoto’s Uji Matcha]

Tea leaves grown in Uji city of Kyoto prefecture are one of the highest grade tea leaves within Japan. The leaves are carefully selected and time is taken to grind them with a stone mortar. This method brings out the special flavor and heightens the aroma of the tea.


Now let’s look at the cafes popular menu!

Here you can enjoy many drinks, from standard to completely original recipes.

They offer Yamecha (tea from Yame), Kyotango Jo Sencha (high grade tea from Kyotango), ginger hojicha (roasted tea), matcha lattes using Kyoto’s high quality Uji matcha, the azuki latte has a very mild sweetness made with domestic grown azuki beans and more.


They also serve light meals, making it a nice lunch spot.



Japanese sweets you have to try!

“Matcha Parfait” a combination of Japanese and Western confections. \810 (tax not included)


Saryo’s signature parfait contains jelly and pudding made with Kyoto’s high quality Uji matcha, topped with hojicha cream, ice cream, etc. A dish packed with the maker’s favorites, you have to try it!


“Anmitsu” is a combination of namafu (wheat gluten), shiratama (rice flour dumpling), and anko. \770 (tax not included)


Anmitsu is a combination of ingredients, the soft chewy texture of yomogi namafu, the mildly sweet anko with matcha ice cream, etc. The many ingredients make the dish visually interesting and very delicious!


Kyo-Matcha Chocolate Fondue. \920 (tax not included)


You know cheese and chocolate, but now there’s matcha chocolate fondue! Dip fruit in matcha blended with white chocolate! (I can never have enough matcha). At the end you can eat the chocolate dip with ice cream. Whoever thought of this is a genius!!


The Golden Egg Brule Chiffon. \810 (tax not included)


A gold chiffon cake with light brown sugar caramelized like a crème brule. Enjoy the cake’s fluffy texture made with soy milk and the slightly bitter caramel.


Matcha Frozen S’mores. \810 (tax not included)

S’mores comes from

“Some more”

“It tastes so good you want to eat more and more.”


Matcha ice cream is placed on top of crunchy granola with matcha syrup. Fluffy marshmallows are then spread over the top and baked until browned. A dessert with a great look and texture.


Azuki Bean and Warabimochi Tart. \720 (tax not included)

Mildly sweet azuki beans, walnuts

and the fun, chewy texture of warabimochi

Azuki Bean and Warabimochi Tart.


The first tart to use warabimochi (jelly type confection)! To someone who loves warabimochi and tarts this is the best combination and guaranteed to be delicious.


Strawberry Short Cake with Condensed Milk. \720 (tax not included)

A special short cake with strawberry flavored cream sandwiched with sponge cake soaked in condensed milk.

Strawberry Short Cake with Condensed Milk.


This dessert is unrelated to tea, but a unique idea. Sponge cake is soaked in condensed milk and combined with strawberries, a great combination. I never imagined this combination could be applied to cake!


There are many other items like a tart that uses hojicha, mille crepes with white sesame seeds, etc. Those who haven’t eaten anything like this before are sure to fall in love with these refined flavors! Be sure to check out this café!


<Kagurasaka Saryo>

Address: 5-9 Kagurasaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

TEL: +(81)3−3266−0880

HP: https://saryo.jp


Source: https://saryo.jp



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