Only in Japan! Introducing Gofun Nail from Kyoto

Hair care items and cosmetics using natural ingredients are popular in Japan.


Recently, using natural items for manicures has also become a hot topic. Wanting only luxury brands can be a problem, but thinking “anything‘s fine as long as it’s cheap” isn’t good either.


You should only use gentle products on your body, that way you will be beautiful inside and out! Saying that I think I must be getting old. (Haha)


With that being said, I am now going to introduce an especially interesting brand from among all the varied nail polish out there.



“Gofun Nail” uses natural ingredients

This is a made-in-Japan brand with a chic concept by “Ueba Esou”, a long standing company in Kyoto.


were started to make Japan’s beautiful colors available to the general public. “Gofun” is the white paint used by Japanese artists; the pigment is a fine powder made from scallop shells. It’s the same white you see used on Japanese dolls, Hinamatsuri dolls, etc. As a pigment shop, there are many unusual and elegant colors that are not usually available as a nail polish, which are sure to appeal to all women.

Now I’ll introduce what makes this brand so popular!



Popular Reason (1) “No irritating smell”

This polish does not emit that strong odor usually associated with manicures. Highly recommended for those who usually can’t stand the smell of nail polish.


Popular Reason (2) “Gentle on nails”

This polish has great breathability, while regular polish hinders nails from breathing. There’s no need to worry about damage, so it’s great for those with weak nails!


Popular Reason (3) “Quick drying”

This polish only takes about 5 minutes to dry!

With such speedy drying, you can easily do a quick manicure to match your outfit, even in the middle of a busy morning. I’m sure we’ve all experienced spending an hour or so painting our nails before bed, only to wake up with lint and marks from the sheets imbedded in our manicure. With Gofun Nail this should no longer be a problem.


Popular Reason (4) “No top coat needed”

Normally the finishing touch is a top coat to make the manicure shine, but this polish is so glossy by itself, it really doesn’t need one. Easy and saves money!


Popular Reason (5) “Say goodbye to damage caused by nail polish remover”

This polish is made so that it can be removed with plain alcohol or a pigment remover! Regular nail polish remover is another culprit of damage to nails.


These are all reasons that “Gofun Nail” polish is superior, but let’s look at the most important feature, the rich colors! Reds are carefully divided into related colors such as “ichigo milk”, “mizuakane”, etc. Each color has keywords and corresponding moods detailed on the homepage. These are fun to read and reference to match a color to your current feeling.



“Reds”, The Source of Life

This color is recommended when you want to take action! The color keywords are passion and energy.


“Sango” (coral). A popular color since it can be worn regardless of age.


“Senkoshu” (scarlet). A color that will brighten your mood.


And many more. There’s a selection of 10 rich color variations



“Oranges”, Improves Communication Skills!?

This color is definitely for those who want to become optimistic, cheerful, and take a step forward.


“Enji” (rouge). A sophisticated deep red. A strong color with a celebrity feel.


“Omikan” (tangerine). Give a cheerful, energetic impression with the color of a ripened tangerine.



“Blues”, For Calm Reasoning

Recommended for those who want to persevere with gentility and composure.


“Osora” (sky). This clear blue embodies the feelings of hope and peace.


Other standard colors include black, white, purple, gold, silver etc. The color lineup includes a surprisingly rich variety.


They also offer other cosmetic items that are gentle on the body like lip creams, additive free soap, etc.




What do you think? As a “Japanese style cosmetic found only in Japan”, these make great souvenirs for your friends and of course a nice gift for yourself.






Edit & Text: MUGI


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