Take a bite of a banh mi in Takadanobaba − Banh Mi ☆ Sandwich(バインミー☆サンドイッチ)

Takadanobaba, a district of  Tokyo, is not much a major town.

However, in fact, there is a very famous “banh mi” restaurant in this town!
Banh mi, a name for Vietnamese-style sandwich, is becoming famous in Japan thanks to the recent coriander boom.

Of course, I myself love Vietnamese food!
Let’s visit Takadanobaba to seek for nice banh mi restaurants.
Here is the first one.

【Banh Mi ☆ Sandwich(バインミー☆サンドイッチ)】

This one is very famous around Takadanobaba!

Banh Mi ☆ Sandwich(バインミー☆サンドイッチ)
1min walk from Takadanobaba sta.
Address : Azegami Seven Bldg., 4-9-18, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
OPEN:Tue. – Sat.
Weekdays 11AM – 7PM
Saturday 11AM – 6PM
Holiday 11AM – 5PM
*Will be closed once all menus sold out
CLOSED : Sunday and Monday

Here’s a menu.

“Shrimp & Avocado” is recommended for the first time.
Mild taste and plenty of fresh, plump shrimp.
I would recommend to have two kinds with small sizes so that you can enjoy different tastes.

Though it’s called “small size”, it’s not that small.
However, it is very healthy since it has plenty of vegetables.

As you will notice once you have a bite, the baguettes are different from ordinary ones.
The surface is moderately crispy, and the inside is plump.
It is still delicious even if you eat the babuettes only.

Of course the ingredients and sauces are also the best.
Though it’s very big, you can’t stop once you start eating.
Very addictive taste. Now I understand why there are so many repeaters!

And if you like coriandar please add them by all means!

If you like coriandar please add them by all means!

Since it is a famous restaurant, a lot of people make a queue at lunch time.
The eating and drinking space is only a little bench outside the store, but I strongly reccomend to eat newly made ones there.
If a little time passed, it loses the crispiness of the baquette .

I’ll introduce the second banh mi restaurant on the next article.